The Valley

Hello, I am a high school filmmaker and this is my six month long project of Phoenix, AZ. I began this project back in May, however the majority of the clips you will see are only from the past 3 months. I have been on most mountain tops and trails in the greater Phoenix area to get these angles. By taking on this project I have learned the ins and outs of time lapse and can’t wait to get out there to start my next project on Arizona, stay tuned. Hope you enjoy the video! :)

What The Hell Was Megadeth, Arizona?

The story of the creation of the first site that promoted an album back in 1994.

The moment I realized that multimedia could revolutionize the way we could market our music came when a co-worker named Dave Goldberg showed me the first music video made with Macromedia Director—an interactive multimedia authoring tool. When I saw that video, I knew I had to hunt down the programmer. His name was Doug Textor, and he agreed to meet me for breakfast. I told him that I had all these ideas for using the computer to promote our bands but I didn’t know if it was technically possible yet. He said it was, although I don’t think he knew exactly what it entailed, but neither did anyone else at the time.


Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds

An accidental social network that brings back a lost age.

A lot of the pages were purposefully retro and 90’s-looking; others were meditations on the meaning of Some wrote stories, some wrote code, some wrote tools to make order out of the expanding chaos. Then one user made a page that listed the most recently updated pages. Suddenly there was a way to see what was happening, minute-to-minute. I hacked together the bits of a home page.


How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism

The great unbundling continues apace.

The social media company is increasingly becoming to the news business what Amazon is to book publishing — a behemoth that provides access to hundreds of millions of consumers and wields enormous power. About 30 percent of adults in the United States get their news on Facebook, according to a study from the Pew Research Center. The fortunes of a news site, in short, can rise or fall depending on how it performs in Facebook’s News Feed.

New York Times

Afghanistan’s battlefield slang

You just don’t hear the phrase “battlefield fashionista” often enough.

Most wars can be identified by their own slang, and Afghanistan was no exception. As British combat operations come to an end, BBC defence correspondent Jonathan Beale and Thomas Martienssen pull together a short lexicon of words and abbreviations used during the conflict.


Of Gamers, Gates, and Disco Demolition: The Roots of Reactionary Rage

On understanding GamerGate:

I’m afraid of the angry privileged white man protecting what he does have. The guy who thinks of himself as “normal” and speaking up for all the “normal” people like him, the guy who’s fighting to defend his “way of life” from the different and strange.

I’m afraid of masculinity, and privilege, of the male sense of “honor” they combine to create, and the incredible reservoir of madness that “honor” can unleash when it’s threatened. Of how incredibly petty the offense can be and how insanely disproportionate the retaliation can be.

The Daily Beast